OVRWatch September 2013 - Present

Optical eye tracking system for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, developed for my final year dissertation. Combining hardware and software, OVRWatch aims to use dual infrared cameras and libOVRWatch - the system's OpenCV-based C++ companion library - to ascertain eye tracking's potential in gameplay, QA and player engagement, when used in a virtual reality setting.

Project ARC September 2012 - May 2013

A browser plugin-free HTML5 3D multiplayer shooter built for a group coursework assignment. Worked in a 3-man programming team to develop our own JavaScript game engine, skeletal animation and physics systems, multiplayer server infrastructure, tools and asset pipeline.

NotSonyLinux September 2011 - Present

Developed an unofficial PlayStation 2 Linux kit to allow homebrew development using only retail parts, without Sony's official Linux for PS2 resources. Presented multiple talks on the project and still work on it in my spare time, aiming to eventually release and open-source it.